Autumn burgandy clothes

Fashion – Trend Alert!

Autumn burgandy clothesNow I know we’ve been biting our well manicured finger nails in anticipation of this autumn’s collection, well it’s here, brace yourselves fashionistas! My sources have indicated that kimono styled knits will be hitting runways soon. How to wear them? Couple your dark wash skinny jeans and a retro belt to synch the waist giving you that sexy sought after hourglass look.

Burgundy is the colour of this majestic season and lucky for us, it suits most skin tones. Yes the paler you are the more Goth you sill seem wearing it and darker hues but don’t let this stop the budding trend junky inside you, rather own the sex appeal that has men (and woman) falling at the feet of the likes of Angelina Jolie. If you still feel like you’re an extra on ‘night of the living dead” add mustard tights to a burgundy dress for a bit of colour revitalization.

Trend perfection comes from our inner ability to match our body and skin type to the fashion, designers throw at us. We’ve all had our fair share of fashionista mayhem at least once in our seasonal lives. Here’s how to avoid the ‘slave to fashion’ doom and gloom, identify your body type (very vital question); are you cone, pear or hourglass shaped?

If you are cone-shaped you want to choose clothes and colours to take the eye away from your bust and toward your hips, so pair solid colours on the top and break with a funky belt paired with bootleg jeans(this will even your body out). If you are pear-shaped wear a beautiful feminine blouse in a loud colour (such as yellow) with a pair of dark wash straight-leg jeans this will even out the butt and move the eye along your body uniformly. Ideally we’d all like to have an hourglass figure but there’s certainly nothing wrong with more ‘junk’ in either of your trunks.

On that note ladies lets hit the malls and hit ’em hard!


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