Diamond Shape for your engagement ring

Though most diamond engagement rings sparkle like the surface of the ocean at sunset they are actually cut quite differently beneath the surface. Diamonds are cut in an array of sizes and shapes, the most important aspects in choosing a diamond stone is deciding on the shape that seamlessly matches you and your style. Most people choose safety and go with traditional shapes such as the classic Round, Asscher and Emerald cuts. Some are a lot more daring and choose fancy shapes such as the, Heart, Pear or even Marquise.

diamond ring shapes

On most wedding rings you will find “The classic cut”, the most popular of them is the prestigious Round Brilliant cut diamond and are found on most engagement rings. The shape of a diamond should not be confused with a cut, they are two different things. Shape Refers to the form, and cut refers to the ability of a diamond to reflect light otherwise known as proportion, symmetry or make. The Round Brilliant cut diamond’s 57 sides/facets sparkles the most out of all shapes and generally the most expensive.


Shape & style of the diamond,  The best cut will reflect light from facet to facet and return light through the top of the diamond.

engagement ring cuts diamond shapes


Clarity of a diamond refers to the clarity the less the imperfection the greater the quality grading of a diamond. Most of these inclusions cannot be seen with the naked eye.

diamond clarity grading

Princess Cut Diamond 

The Princess-cut diamond is the second most popular shape; it’s both modern and magnificent. Princess cut diamonds is a quite popular on western engagement rings ,boasting a rectangular form with uncut corners, it’s a fairly new diamond cut with 76 facets.

It would take forever to highlight the features of the other diamond cuts such as the Emerald-cut diamond, Baguette cut Diamonds ,Cushion , Heart Shaped Marquise cut diamond so I will move on to the more general features of diamonds found on common engagement rings. Below you will find a gallery with images of diamond Colour, Carat weight , rough diamonds and birthstones. The carat of a diamond ring refers to weight of the diamond and is sub-divided in 100 e.g 1.00ct = 1  Colour refers to the array of colour which diamonds can be found in e.g yellow , pink ,blue , green, red and some diamonds win tints of grey and brown.