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South Africa has long being manufacturing motor vehicles…

Hide The Joule south Africa's eletric carSouth Africa has long being manufacturing motor vehicles for large car companies such as Hummer, Mercedes-Benz and BMW but now we have something we can call our own. The Joule, South Africa’s first locally developed electric car designed by Keith Helfet will be put into mass production by a car company manufacturer called Optimal Energy in the year 2014.

Optical energy Ltd is a privately owned South African company based in the mother city of Cape Town. Founded in 2005, everything about the company is South African even the name of their CEO, Kobus Mering. The venture was made possible by the South Africans governments Department of Science and Technology.  The Joule is an invention strongly welcomed considering that the world’s major energy resources are diminishing rapidly and pollution is increasing significantly. This is a fact that seems unimportant if you look at the number of carbon fumed cars being put on the road each year. The name is derived from the symbol for energy, Optical Energy’s introduction of the battery operated, 5 seater energy saver aims to decrease energy wastage and the company also have their eyes set on the international market.

So why would you want to buy the Joule?

Despite its fragile look the car is extremely functional, designed to achieve a 4 star safety rating that complies with Europe rigorous safety standards. The Joule can reach a top speed of 135km/per hour (Governed) covering a distance of 300km and has impressive acceleration of 0- 60km/per hour in 5 seconds. The car is also fitted with ABS breaking systems and optional vehicle tracking. Accompanied with superb handling that can compete with most luxury cars, the Joule is possibly the answer to urban transportation? Designer Keith Helfet is a former Chief Designer for Jaguar and has taken his expertise into account in the designing of the Joule. This car is perfect for urban dwellers, allowing them to get from point A to B with maximum comfort and less damage to the environment. Watch out South Africa the Joule of South Africa is on its way.

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Hide The Joule south Africa's eletric car