Khanyi Mbau Nude Picture Leaked

Socilaite Khanyisile Mbau has been seen nude after naked pictures were leaked on the internet.Khanyi Mbua has been very quit about the surfacing of these pictures on the internet.The nude photos of Khanyi Mbau who leaked on Twitter,no one knows whether these naked photos were intensionally leaked by Mbau herself.It’s shocking to see Khanyi nude ,from showing her private parts at her birthday to posing nude in front of a camera.Surprisingly none of her ZAR and “So what” counterparts have come to her rescue.Kenny Kunene failed to comment on the naked photos and Gayton Mckenzie only hinted on Twitter that everyone has issues but not all of us make it public.blogs have been posting these pictures of Khanyi Nude everywhere, we are proud to say that clubcorona were one of the first to uncover this story.Mbau was criticized by many public figured including Juluis Malema and  Garth Cliff.

Khanyi Mbau’s nude pcitures are expremly pornographic and shameful.

What do you think of Khanyi Mbau’s nude pics ?

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Khanyi Mbau nude pictures leaked on the internet

Khanyi mbau nude- naked  pictured exposed on the internet

Khanyi Mbau nude photo's naked


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  1. This is too shameful and irritating. I advise to give ur life to Jesus christ and spend the rest of ur life for him August 3, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Give ur life to christ


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